Working, out of work, parent, adult of any age, student or taking
a ‘busmans’ holiday. Suffolk Lavender Farm can offer a rewarding volunteering experience in organic farming, harvesting, crafting and distillation of essential oil.


Something that inspires is rewarding, enriches the spirit, provides adventure and learning to you
as a volunteer, is our ultimate goal, and something to be considered when volunteering.


Suffolk Lavender Farm is a working farm and that means 7 days a week and all year round. Tasks such
as weeding, harvesting, re-planting, crafting and many other rewarding tasks and Its not all hard work,
the tea just flows. You will be rewarded by enjoying the ‘hands on’ farming experience, enrich your spirit with Lavenders aromatic scent and ‘WOW” of colour and become adventurous in your mind for learning from Karen Orchard and other volunteers.


Karen has over 20 years professional experience with  Essential oils, herbs and  their medicinal properties, Life coaching, Psycho-somatic behaviours, Reflexology, Health Massage, Reicki, Indian Head Massage, Meditation techniques, Crystals and Care of the Mind, Body and Soul.


What you as a volunteer will experience
One to one and group access to simple methods and tools for healing, medicinal benefits of lavender
as an essential oil and herb. The fabulous rural setting, tranquility and purple ‘WOW’ in summer.
As a volunteer you will truly understand that here at the farm its name should be as it was originally 

‘Lavender Medicine Farm’.

Opening Times

From April through to September, weekends only 10 am - 4pm.

We are happy for you to visit on weekdays or evenings by appointment only.

Tel: 01473 655 634


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