How to use essential oils

Treat as Medicines


Our aim is to ensure that you understand how to use essential oils safely and effectively for your illness or ailment.

The success of their powerful medicinal benefits does depend upon regular use, as you would in respect of any prescription your doctor may prescribe.

Do not swallow:  Essential oils are for external use only.
Always keep the essential oils out of reach from children
As with any pharmaceutical medicine keep your essential oils out of reach from children. There may be a residue of the undiluted essential oil on the bottle or lid. Be careful that you yourself do not get the residue of essential oils on your hands too. Essential oils are oil and may not be removed completely by washing with soap and water. If you or your child does get any undiluted essential oil on their hands or face by accident, follow the instructions:


Counteract a reaction or accident from essential oils on skin
If an application of any essential oil diluted or otherwise causes an allergic reaction with redness a rash or renders the sensation of needles prickling or stinging, follow these instructions:
Soak cotton wool or cloth in olive or vegetable oil.
Apply to the area affected and wipe the residue away with a clean cloth or cotton wool.     
Repeat as many times as necessary until the sensation or allergic reaction subsides.


Frequency of use
Use essential oils as medicine and follow dosage instructions in the same way you would follow a doctor’s prescription. This means following the instructions in the formulas for both the quantities and frequency of dosage. For example if the dosage is to be taken every four hours or once daily you continue this frequency until the course is finished, dependent on the stage and severity of the condition. To get the best results you must use the essential oils at the suggested regular intervals and for the length of time that the symptoms persist. Using them for a few days to a week after the symptoms have subsided will ensure that the immune system is supported and remains robust.



The frequency of use with essential oils depends on the stage and severity of the condition.
To relieve acute pain, coughs, flu or viral infections, use every 3-4 hours each day for:
First 3 days of the recommended dose of 2-6 drops, until the symptoms are relieved. Days 4-7 reduce the frequency to, up to four times daily.
As a maintenance measure or to alleviate general aches or pains, use the recommended amount of drops once or twice a day.

Essential Oil Dosage Instruction By Age Group
Do not use any more than 6 drops for an adult, for children no more than the given quantities in the following table:


Dosage by Age

13yrs to Adult            Up to 6 drops

10 - 13yrs                   Up to 5 drops

6 - 10yrs                     Up to 4 drops

3 - 6yrs                       Up to 3 drops

1 - 3yrs                       Up to 2 drops

6 - 12 months            1/2 to 1 drop

6 weeks - 6 months  1/4 to 1/2 drop


Whether you are making a large or small quantity of any undiluted formula or individual essential oil, always use the following Dosage table as a guide for your child’s age group for the number of undiluted drops of essential oil safe to use for ONE application.
If your child is either smaller or bigger in size for their average age group, adjust the amount given to that of their body average size that you consider them to be.


Long-term use
Using essential oils for illnesses, ailments or injuries such as chest problems, sprains, and broken limbs, which can take many weeks or months to heal after initial onset, will require a gradual reduction over time of one formula and the use of a different formula in order to maintain effectiveness. For example, early treatment may start by using one formula at regular 4 hourly intervals, then gradually reducing the number of drops for each application and the frequency to twice or once daily over a period of six weeks. After six weeks the body will naturally become used to the benefits of a formula used so changing to a second formula tends to givea boost to the immune system. Therefore, alternating two formulas will be more beneficial for long-term use.

All of our formulations and individual essential oils are clearly marked with any conditions where they must NOT be used, or individual essential oils are marked with recommended drops to use.
If you are in any doubt please do not hesitate to email us.

Is the essential oil right for you?

Your nose is a good guide... If the aroma makes you feel nauseous or your head aches, as a general rule the essential oil is not the one for you.

Patch test:

By adding one drop of essential oil to a small amount of carrier oil, i.e. olive oil. Massage into the forearm. If, after 10 - 15 minutes there is no redness or rash, as a general rule it is safe to use. Patch test any creams or carrier oils such as almond or grapeseed oil if you have never used them before.

Methods of useing essential oils

Body application:

Unless otherwise stated, dilute essential oils in a carrier oil, i.e. olive oil or a non-chemical based plain cream. The amount of oil or cream used will depend on how many applications are required from the recommended amount of drops.

Bath, footbath:

Add the recommended amount of drops to a bath or footbath, soak for at least 15 minutes. DO NOT use soap or bubble bath as synthetic chemicals used with essential oils can cause adverse reaction.
Steam inhalation: Fill a bowl of boiling water and add the recommended amount of drops. The essential oils are very powerful in hot steam- there is no need to put a towel over your head and the bowl.


Ensure your oil burner has a deep bowl, as this will allow the essential oils to simmer in water and not evaporate too quickly. Check the burner frequently as they can be a fire hazard.

Contraindications are important too read more.

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