Suffolk lavender farm is deeply rooted in a commitment to preserving and promoting the medicinal purposes of Lavender.


Established on 6 October 2012, 12,000 plants, two varieties Lavandula Angustifolia - True English Lavender-Munstead for distillation and Lavandula Angustifolia x Intermedia - Grosso for drying and crafting. 56 volunteers, including children from the youngest of 2yrs and every one of them, determined to plant as many plants as they could with a celebration of unity, hearts and dreams before the end of day, .


Volunteering has continued to this day, with many still returning to soak up the therapeutic benefits and a Universal love for nature and healing.


The winter months of 2012 and spring months of 2013 brought with it a loss of 2/3rds of Lavender plants, many to the rabbit population who love to dig and crows who love to pull out the newly planted plug plants. The field today is still being replanted and we now have 3 further varieties of Lavender, Sawyer, Hidcote and Blue Ice, which have magically appeared, much to our delight and appreciation.


We celebrate all that the acreage can provide, with a sustainable perennial crop of organic Lavender flowers. A working farm that works the land by hand, without the use of pesticides, harvests the lavender by hand, distilling for a 100% pure quality essential oil, hanging it to dry, crafting and creating value added quality products from the essential oil and flower buds.


We are an agritourist destination that gives the visitor a connection to Suffolk's agricultural roots and heritage, a sight for hands on farming experience, enriching the spirit with Lavenders aromatic scents and ‘WOW’ of colour and adventure for your mind for learning, new concepts and ideas.


Our new visibility, connection and contact via the internet allows us to share information on the agriculture and medicinal properties of this herb and for you to purchase any of our products, wholesale or individual products.


Opening Times

From April through to September, weekends only 10 am - 4pm.

We are happy for you to visit on weekdays or evenings by appointment only.

Tel: 01473 655 634


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