Lavender Varieties

True English Lavenders ‘Lavandulas’ or  Hybrid Lavandin varieties,
are a world apart in their medicinal benefit, aromatic scent, colour
and floral splendour.

The Lavandula Angustifolia family is composed of 39 different species. True English lavender contains various sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, and linalool. Since quality matters when it comes to health, the essential oil is preferred and prized for its powerful medicinal properties, gentle aromatic scent and therapeutic benefit.


Angustifolias are the traditional English garden lavender. Produce seeds that are fertile, and young plants will often appear below the parent plant. It has narrow leaves, shorter stems and flower heads that are barrel shaped and a beautiful violet colour. Its aromatic fragrance is sweet and spicy. Ideal for landscaped bushy floral hedgerows, floral arrangements and dried buds for a variety of medicinal uses, such as a sleep aid, muscle relaxant in the bath, bug repellent and culinary use.


The Lavandin Hybrid family has of over 200 varieties. Lavandins contain a much higher concentrations of linalool and terpenes most notably camphor. This chemical arrangement produces an essential oil with a very strong aromatic scent similar to menthol or turpentine and gives a greater yield of the essential oil than the True English Lavender. Notably, why it is preferred for scenting traditional toiletries, air fresheners, perfume, detergents, waxes and other industrial fragrances.


Lavandins typically have larger leaves, longer stems and larger flower heads that are spear shaped, unlike the barrel shape of Lavenders. Lavandin hybrids are hardy and easy to grow, but their seeds are not fertile. Their colour varies from a vibrant or gentle hue of purple, blue, pink and white, making them ideal for garden landscapes, crafting fresh or dried bouquets,

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