Crafting with Lavender

Aromatic scents, and a sweet  spicy herb are ways Lavender can
inspire creativity.


Here at Suffolk Lavender farm we create Lavender avenues, for its sensational purple haze in summer, to distill its valuable medicinal essential oil, harvest fresh and dry blooms, and have varieties of lavender plants for you enjoy and create your own ideas, in your own garden, kitchen or home.


We love to share our knowledge so you too can benefit from our experience of our handcrafted products.


Fresh Bouquets
Fresh bouquets are best harvested in mid summer when the flowers on the bloom are one third to two thirds open. Cut about 150 stems for a large bouquet and stripping all the foliage will help to stop mould forming after a few days if you are going to put them in a vase of water. Changing the water every few days will also help stop mould from forming.


Fresh Floral Arrangements
Lavenders vibrant varieties of purple hues and delicious aroma is a must for a landscape of creation in your garden, as a hedgerow, mixed border, herb garden or in a pot, whatever the size of your garden is.

Fresh harvested purple blooms and aromatic scents, create stunning floral arrangements in your home or as a gift. Lavenders spear or barrel shaped blooms, long or short stems will add floral art on their own or with a variety of flowers, especially white or pink roses, green foliage and ribbon.


Dried Floral Arrangements
Create floral arrangements with Lavender mixed with other dried flowers, not only will they look fabulous, they will have aromatic sweet scents all year round.

Drying flowers for floral arrangements and not just lavender, is rewarding in itself and there are many flowers and grasses that you can harvest for yourself in the country, river, beach and even your local play park. Wild flowers and garden flowers are every where.

These are just a few flowers to inspire you: Roses, Larkspur, Celosia cockscomb, Cattails, Corn Flowers, Hydranger, Golden Rod, Corns and grasses.
Lavender bags and Sachets
If you love sewing, Lavender bags and sachets are fun and easy to make, from a pure linen cloth, organza or colourful polyester prints into square, round, hearts or creature shapes to hang in cupboards, wardrobes, on door handles, beds or in your car.

Fill your bag with lavender buds and tie with a ribbon. This will enable easy access for when the lavender buds need changing after a few years.

Sachets can also be filled with just lavender buds and can be inserted inside larger cushions or creatures that you have made or purchased.

A really simple and effective idea is to use a lace handkerchief, place buds in the centre of the handkerchief, put the corners and sides together and squeeze the buds into a ball inside the handkerchief, tie ribbon around the top of the lavender ball to hold the buds in.


Lavender Wands
Making these beautiful aromatic victorian era wands, is so rewarding. They look beautiful with coloured ribbons on their own or together in a bunch and ideal for placing in draws or hanging on coat hangers as a bug repellant. Lavender wands are made from fresh cut flowers to allow bending the stems without them breaking.

If you would like to learn how to make these beautiful Lavender wands, during the month of July workshops are available.

Lavenders in, as well as magic!

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