About Lavender

Lavenders virtues have been written about since before bibliopolic times


Its history of  medicinal properties in essential oil, its fabulous aromatic scent, purple hues, varieties and versatility of uses, fresh or dried in crafts, and as a culinary herb.


Lavenders hardiness to grow in the most arid and poor soil conditions have allowed for its cultivation
of over 200 varieties of hybrids. Whether you choose a True English Lavender or one of the many hybrid varieties for your garden, you are sure of success in growing and attracting many of the beneficial bees, butterflies, insects and bugs for your garden.


Lavenders popularity is in! As an essential oil, water (hydrosol) the perfumery industry captures its sweet scents in soaps, creams, lotions, perfume and more.


Pharmaceutical companies are scientifically researching  lavender for its medicinal properties to aid all of our body systems and their findings are confirming its actions and properties for medicinal purposes such as a simple mouthwash.

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